Crysis - Map ~CoC^AiM_Sk!LL~ By ~CoC^[E.v.!.L]_Revolt'{S}~

Hey cry player's, its a vidéo of my third map.

Its a Big Aimmap, idéal for 2 at 15 player's

Map =

-Size of about three aimmapv2
-Small underground for duel Sniper
-Two-storey complex with box, barrel,
boxing arena and saw all of the map to the sniper

Weapons =

- All SMG/SCAR/FY with Lazer + Silencer
- Only 1 SCAR & 1 FY have a Reflex Scope
- Two Sniper with Lazer and one with Sniper Scope
- Some shotguns, socom
- And only one gauss with long respaw
- Grenade Smoke, Flash and one NanoGrenade hide in the map ^^

So Download, Have Fun & Good Luck :p

Download here =


Or on Crymod =


Visit our Site =


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